About me ;

I am committed to finding optimal solutions in the most efficient and accessible manner. The articles I share here draw directly from my extensive day-to-day experience, catering specifically to fellow tech enthusiasts and developers who value simplicity and effectiveness. It is my hope that these insights will prove invaluable to all the like-minded individuals who, like me, embrace the “lazy geek” mentality.


With over 8 years of experience as a self-motivated and astute Lead Software Engineer and IT Professional, I have demonstrated an exceptional aptitude for designing, developing, and optimizing enterprise Software Solutions for high-performance, scalable, and distributed business-critical systems. Through the successful leadership of diverse development teams, I have consistently achieved business goals for mission-critical applications on a global scale, solidifying my reputation as a highly skilled and results-driven professional in the field.

it’s all about the journey not the destination

โ€” A wise man

Here are some highlights along that journey when I am away being a software engineer ;