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Kubernetes Cluster Setup with Kind-k8s Installer

By following this guide, you’ll be able to quickly and easily set up a Kubernetes cluster on your Windows PC with the following tech stack

  • WSL2 backend with Ubuntu
  • Docker Desktop
  • Kubectl – Windows

K8s Kind Installer

Kind is a simple, lightweight CNCF-certified Kubernetes installer CNCF K8s Installer

Compared to Minikube, Kind provides support for Hyperkit on Mac and Hyper-V on Windows hypervisors, including features such as Load balancer and Ingress support. Additionally, Kind supports multi-node clusters, including those with high availability (HA).

Quick prerequisites installation

#Kubectl Kind using powershell

curl.exe -Lo kind-windows-amd64.exe

Move-Item .\kind-windows-amd64.exe C:\Dev\env\kind\kind.exe

#Kubectl Install
curl.exe -LO "

Create cluster

Creating a cluster with 1 control plane node and 3 workers

kind: Cluster
name: ckad-cluster
- role: control-plane
- role: worker
- role: worker
- role: worker

This will create all the necessary k8s control plane objects and worker nodes

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